Protecting Your Guns From Corrosion When Stored In A Safe

29 August 2014
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If you have a gun collection, or even just a couple of guns that are precious to you, you know how important it is to keep them locked up. You purchase a gun safe and tuck your guns away with the hopes that they will stay out of the hands of children, will not be stolen in the event of a home burglary, and hope that they stay in great condition while being stored. One thing that many gun owners have learned over the years is that gun safes do not protect guns from corrosion. Here, you will learn how to prevent gun corrosion while storing them in your safe.

Clean and Oil the Guns

Before you put your guns away after shooting, be sure to clean and oil them properly. Use cleaning-lubricant-preservative (CLP) inside and outside of the barrel. Once cleaned, use a piece of flannel on the cleaning rod to dry it.

Pour some gun oil on a clean cloth and wipe the locking block. Lubricate the chamber, locking block, and bore. Use CLP to clean the rails, extractor, firing pin, safety, breech face, and other parts of the gun.

Put the gun back together and apply a coat of CLP oil on the barrel.

Silica Gel in the Safe

Placing a small container of silica gel in the safe is a very effective way to absorb the moisture in the safe. The silica gel will absorb and trap the moisture. You will have to tend to the silica gel every few days.

After a few days of absorbing moisture, the silica gel will need to be placed in an over set at a low temperature for 8 hours or so.

To save on the cost of silica gel, ask your local pharmacy if they have silica gels that they would like to get rid of. Most medications are transported with silica gel packs inside which the pharmacy will simply throw away.

Install a Gun Safe Dehumidifier

A gun safe dehumidifier is probably the best solution to gun safe moisture problems. If your safe does not already have a dehumidifier access hole, you will have to drill one. This may void your manufacturer's warranty, so check with the manufacturer before installation.

The dehumidifier is plugged into an electrical outlet and produces a low level of heat to dry the moisture out of the air inside the safe. There are multiple models available for optimum performance and easy installation.

If you have tried the above processes and still have problems with gun corrosion during safe storage, contact your gun safe manufacturer or expert like Key West Locksmiths Ltd for advice on how to proceed.