Tips For Securing Your Home

15 March 2016
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Keeping your home safe can be a pretty big challenge. One of your biggest concerns is likely the locks on your doors. However, there are a ton of other factors that you will need to take into consideration as well. To help make your home as secure as possible, here are some ways that you can greatly reduce the chances of your home being broken into:

Make Your Home an Unappealing Target

One of the easiest ways to secure your home is to simply make your home look like the last place that a potential burglar wants to go. Adding some motion-activated lights can make any thief think twice, but there are a number of other techniques that you can use as well.

For example, you want to keep the exterior of your home free of debris and hedges if possible. You want to deny any thief the means to sneak around your yard, and if they can't get near your exterior without being exposed, then they will probably move on to another house entirely.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

You can also consider getting locking mechanisms that take advantage of technology. For areas that you need to secure at any cost, then you could consider using a biometric scanner that uses your fingerprint. While these systems aren't entirely foolproof, they will make your home dramatically harder to break into while simultaneously allowing you to access your home even easier. After all, simply using your fingerprint will be a lot easier than fumbling around for a small key in the dark.

Your biggest concern with these kind of security mechanisms might be that they rely on electricity and are thus vulnerable to outages, but that isn't necessarily the case. If they use their own batteries, then they can stay operational even when your electricity is out, and all you need to do is remember to replace your batteries every couple of years.

Build a Sturdier Door

Even if you design a complex system of locks that is impossible to crack, it will all be for naught if your door can simply be broken down. Therefore, it's critical that you have doors and door frames that are sturdy and able to handle physical attempts to break down the door.

You'll want to use a thick wooden door for your front door, along with a deadbolt that can make use of the integrity of the frame. For glass doors, such as a sliding back door, you want to use reinforced glass, which will make the door much harder to break and much safer in the event of an accident. While traditional glass doors can potentially shatter and cause a lot of damage with glass shards, a reinforced glass door will usually fracture internally, like you might see in a broken windshield. Click here for more info on home security.