Why You Should Consider Adding An Extra Layer Of Security With A Restricted Keyway System

22 March 2016
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If you fear having an important key duplicated without your knowledge, then you should consider a restricted keyway system. These systems offer you an extra layer of protection for your locks. They also offer some added peace of mind as well. Here's what you need to know about them.

What Is a Restricted Keyway System?

A restricted keyway system involves a unique key and lock combination. One locksmith keys a cylinder for you and hands you a key that locks and unlocks only that cylinder. Only that locksmith can replace that key and only you or someone you authorize can request a copy of that key.

When Is a Restricted Keyway System Ideal?

You can probably think of various scenarios where a restricted keyway system can come in handy. Here are a few considerations.

Restricting access to a safe – By nature, a safe relies on restricted access. If you have a safe with a lock, you definitely don't want anyone but you and whoever you authorize to have access.

If you lose the key or have it stolen, someone else cannot casually have it copied. If the safe is a generic one, there's a chance the key and lock are not unique.

Keeping control of real estate properties – Do you rent property or regularly give others access to a property you own or maintain? It's important that you represent the only path to entry into these places.

For example, consider if you give somebody a key to a building for a temporary purpose. That person will not have the ability to go and make a duplicate of that key. If, for some reason, they do not return the key, no one else can go and have a duplicate made neither.

Adding an extra layer of security in general – Wanting to add extra security to a home or business isn't paranoia, it's a smart thing to do. Even if you feel your security measures are adequate, restricting access can make all the difference in case of an attempted burglary or other illegal activities.

For example, consider if you keep valuables locked in a shed in your yard. You would want to be the only person with access to that shed. But if a would-be thief has their heart set on breaking into it, a generic key and lock can only keep them at bay for so long.

Many thieves use a key bumping technique to pick a lock. However, that technique requires a bump key blank that fits a known lock type. If your keyway is unique, no such blanks exist. Your keyway will at least create a higher level of difficulty for the thief, which frustrates thieves.  At most, the keyway can defeat their attempts altogether.

Ask a Locksmith If a Restricted Keyway System is Right for You

There are many key and lock systems out there. And even those systems have different methods of implementation. Speak to a professional locksmith about your needs. Ask if a restricted keyway system is right for you. They can help you figure out if you need such a system, but they may have an alternative solution that will fit your needs better.