Baby-Proofing Tips – Could Your Locksmith Help?

15 November 2017
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As you are working to baby-proof your home, it's important that you think a little like a toddler. Get down on your hands and knees and take a trip around the house to see what all those little ones can get into from their prospective. Things that don't look that tempting to you as you stand may actually be the first place those wondering little creatures go as they are exploring each day.

So, now you have an idea of what needs to be secured to protect your little one, but do you know how to get it all done right? Did you know that your local locksmith can actually assist you with baby-proofing your home. Here's a few ideas that can help you get the important task done the right way the first time around.

Keyless Door Locks                                                

You don't want to be that parent that got locked out while just trying to grab the morning newspaper from the lawn. Having a keyless door lock installed on the front door will eliminate the chances of getting locked out in your pajamas while your toddler is free to do whatever he or she wants in the house.

Keyless door locks utilize pin-code or fingerprint technology rather than a key. This way, if the door was to close behind you, you always have a way in.

Window Locks and Alarms

Your little one will soon be climbing on furniture to get to the things that couldn't be reached before. Windows pose quite a risk for these little ones as the things outside can be very alluring. Having locks and alarms installed on each window will help to keep them closed and alert you if one of them does manage to get opened. The neighbor's cat won't get your little one to try to break out of your home without you knowing about it.

Drawer and Cabinet Safety

Think about all of the things that you store under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as the stuff you have in the many drawers throughout your home – is this the kind of stuff you want your toddler playing with?

You can pick up the little kits to do the drawers and cabinet doors yourself, but if they aren't installed properly, they won't be effective. If you don't feel confident with your abilities to install the locks the right way, talk with your local locksmith for assistance. For more information, contact companies like Alpha Locksmith.