Want To Minimize The Key Count For Your Home? Consider A Few Alternatives

25 January 2018
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Every day, you may carry around the essential keys for your needs. This may include the keys for your car, front door, back door, and garage. But, when you get inside the house, you may also have a collection of other keys that you use to access the locked things around your property.

It may get to a point where you are looking through your keys for several minutes just to find the right one. If you want to minimize the number of keys that you have, you should hire a residential locksmith and start learning about some of the alternative options for protecting your valuables.

Electronic Locks

One way that you can reduce the number of keys that you carry around with you every day is by installing electronic door locks. You can add this kind of lock to the front door and back door. A locksmith can help you set them up so that you have PIN codes that you use to get inside. Some locks allow you to make multiple codes that you can give out to family, friends, and professionals.

When you want to restrict access, you can delete the code from the system and generate a new one. These kinds of locks can also be incorporated in other areas, such as drawers or cabinets.

New Safes

Several years ago, you may have invested in a safe or two to protect your valuables. But, the problem may be that these safes require you to use a key. A locksmith can help you pick out electronic safes with the same or similar measurements so that they can fit into the same spots. This will automatically reduce the number of keys that you have in your key collection.


Although you may like the idea of investing in electronic locks around your property, you may not feel the need to install them for everything. For instance, you may have a storage shed in the backyard that you are currently using a standard key lock to restrict access to. An excellent change that will help you reduce your total key count is by switching from a key lock to a padlock.

This way, you only have to remember the combination to get into the storage shed. Your family will benefit from this change because everyone can remember the combination to get inside.

Investing in these alternatives will make it easier to use and manage all the keys in your home.