Advantages & Disadvantages of Keyless Locks

12 March 2018
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Keyless locks, as their name would suggest, are an alternative type of residential or commercial lock that do not make use of keys to gain entry into a building. Instead, they use a keypad that users enter a combination into to allow access in and out of a door. This unique method of operation gives keyless locks a number of distinctive advantages over their keyed counterparts, but also comes with a few drawbacks. Understanding what these advantages and disadvantages are can help you figure out if a keyless lock is the best fit for your needs.

Advantages of Keyless Locks

Ease of Access: The most obvious advantage of keyless locks is the fact that they have no key attached to them. This means that you will never be locked out of your home because you forgot your keys again, and also means that you will have to carry one less thing around with you during the day.

Sharing: Another advantage of keyless locks is the fact that they do not require you to have a secondary key made to provide someone access with your home. Instead, all you have to do is share a short code with them.

Reprogramability: Another massive advantage associated with keyless locks is the fact that they can be easily reprogrammed. This means that you can easily change your combination at any point to ensure that all of your doors are secure and you won't have to worry about someone you gave the combination to a long time ago from gaining access in the future. This also saves a great deal of money over keyed locks, which have to be professional adjusted to change your keys.

Disadvantages of Keyless Locks

Cost: A major disadvantage of keyless locks over keyed locks is the fact that they are significantly more expensive. This is because keyless locks require a battery and more complex parts, as well as specialized installation, whereas mechanical locks are much more common and can be easily put into place in a short period of time. This makes keyless locks less than ideal for those with tight budgets.

Wear: Keyless locks have the unique problem of suffering from wear and tear over their keypad with general use and time. This means that if you don't change your combination often enough, you may wear the combination into your lock, making it easier for intruders to guess. While this can be mitigated by making sure you adjust your lock regularly, it's still something to keep in mind.

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