Protect Yourself, Protect Your Belongings

4 May 2018
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Staying safe these days takes a bit more effort than it would have taken years ago. This is due to many factors with a couple of them being more criminals per capita and new technology. This new technology not only offers criminals new ways to victimize people, but it also gives them a place where they can learn all about different ways they can victimize people. Here are some of the things you should do to keep yourself, your family, your home, and all your belongings safe:

Protect your information - Don't allow your driver's license, credit cards, keys, or other personal information be easily seen when you are out in public. When you go to use your cards or show your ID, cover up the numbers and other information you can, so someone with a camera can't take a picture of them from across the aisle. Also, don't even let your keys be seen, so pictures of them can be taken. Someone can take the picture of your keys and duplicate them on a 3D printer. Also, when you touch the keypad to enter your pin code, make sure you touch all the keys after entering your code so someone can't come up after you and use a heat sensing app to figure out your code.

Be careful with your online accounts – Many people like to tell all their friends and family on their social media pages what's going on in their lives. This includes letting them know when they are moving and when they are going to be going on vacation. If you are going to be putting personal information on social media sites, at least go through them and make sure you fully trust and know everyone on your list. Also, make sure your pages are completely private. However, the safest thing to do is to not put dates and don't talk about things like vacations or time away from home until you are back.

Protect your car – Always try to park your car in a well-lit area when you are out and about at night. Also, never leave personal effects or anything of value in it, even when it is locked. Even when parking in your own garage, your personal things and things of value should be brought inside of your house.

Have a safe installed in your home – You should have an area in your home where you can put your valuables to know they are safe in case of a fire or burglary. Have a locksmith come out and help you to install a heavy-duty safe in a good location. The locksmith can also help you with things like changing the code, routine maintenance, and anything else it needs in the future. If you have a safe but it is not functioning properly, have a safe repair company like Bruck Safe Company come take a look.

Have a security and fire alarm system installed – You want to protect your home as much as you possibly can. Installing a security system with remote access and cameras is great for fending off or catching intruders. A fire alarm system is great for protecting your household and the house itself from fire.