Three Ways A Vault Can Protect Your Business's Valuables

21 November 2018
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If your business deals with valuables, such as art, jewelry, or large amounts of cash, you know how important it is to protect your merchandise. While it's wise to have your stock insured, nothing can replace the value of knowing that your livelihood is secured. Here are three reasons you should have a vault installed in your business.

1. Vaults prevent theft

A vault is the best way to prevent theft. Vaults are secured with top-of-the-line locks designed to keep burglars out. They can be fitted with high-tech locking mechanisms designed to open using biometric measurements, so you don't have to worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands or being duplicated by unscrupulous employees. Many vaults are fitted with alarm systems that will flash and make a loud noise in the unlikely event of a break-in. There's no better way to protect your business's expensive merchandise.

2. Vaults are impossible to move

While safes can usually keep people out, they have the disadvantage of being small and easily moved. It would be simple for a burglar to pick up most lock boxes so they can take it with them and try to destroy it later. A vault is the superior method of protection since it's built into the walls of your business. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your valuables aren't going anywhere.

3. Vaults protect against fire

A fire resistant vault is especially important if you need to protect things that could be easily damaged by fire, such as art or cash. According to Nashville Safe House, you should make sure that your vault is rated to have fire resistance for up to one hour. This will ensure that any delicate belongings are protected until the fire department can put out a fire. Fire resistance ratings can go up to 150 minutes, so that is an option to consider if you live in an area with few emergency responders.

These are just a few of the ways a vault can help you protect your business against theft, fire, and other unfortunate circumstances. Get protected today by calling a locksmith, such as All Around Locksmiths, and asking them to install a vault in your business. A representative will come to take measurements and consult with you about your needs so they can provide the perfect vault for you. Make sure to allow time for the vault to be completed since it will need to be custom-built for you before installation.