Problems Commercial Door Repair Companies Can Fix For Property Owners

10 June 2022
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If you own some commercial property, eventually you may have some difficulty with some of the doors. Here are some issues that commercial door repair companies can fix in no time and subsequently save your company a lot of stress.

Sealing Issues

After a while, some of your commercial doors may not seal properly. You may not be able to notice this problem initially, but you eventually will when you see that your energy bills have skyrocketed recently. Air may be slipping out around these doors and thus causing heating and cooling systems to work really hard.

In this case, you should hire a commercial door repair company. They'll perform an energy audit on your commercial doors to see where air might be slipping through. It could be around the sides or on the very bottom. Either way, these problem areas will be identified by a door repair contractor and ultimately sealed up properly.

Cracked Glass

If you have commercial doors made out of glass, then over time, cracks may develop. You need to respond quickly to this problem before they get larger and potentially cause your commercial doors to shatter and thus require a replacement.

A commercial door repair company can fix cracks on glass doors with special epoxy solutions, which will create a protective seal over the crack and also fill it in so that it's not nearly as noticeable as it once was. Once this epoxy dries, you don't have to worry about structural problems anymore with the glass materials on your commercial doors.

Rotting Wooden Frames

A lot of commercial properties have wooden frames that give doors stability. If you have this type of framing around your doors, rot can eventually start to develop. You'll want to hire a commercial door repair company if this happens to any of your commercial doors.

A repair contractor might be able to salvage the frame by physically chipping away at the rot to leave behind a perfectly intact surface. They can then fill in any removed sections around the framing with new wood materials and secure them in place to prevent movement.

If you have some pretty difficult door problems to deal with around your commercial property, the best way to handle these issues is to work with a commercial door repair company. They're well-versed and thus can fix a lot of things correctly. 

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