Key To Your Security: Stick With Keyed Locks For Your Business

12 December 2014
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If you're a business owner who's about to get new locks put on a building, stick with old-fashioned, non-electronic, high-security keyed locks. Smart locks that function via smartphone apps or electronic fobs are becoming more and more common, with convenience as the main selling point. From hotels to homes, the electronic locks are gaining in popularity. But they still have issues, and you're better off with regular keyed locks until the smart locks see more improvement. Read More 

Protecting Your Guns From Corrosion When Stored In A Safe

29 August 2014
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If you have a gun collection, or even just a couple of guns that are precious to you, you know how important it is to keep them locked up. You purchase a gun safe and tuck your guns away with the hopes that they will stay out of the hands of children, will not be stolen in the event of a home burglary, and hope that they stay in great condition while being stored. Read More